Rated drilling depth
Slingshot substructure
LLC «Discovery drilling equipment (Ukraine)» SL500
Height: 10m
Height under rotary beams: 8,13m
Set back: 318t
LLC «Discovery drilling equipment (Ukraine)» CM500
Total height: 46,85m
Load capacity:454t
Max. wind resistance:38,6 m/s
Load on the ground:454t
Crown block
LLC «Discovery drilling equipment (Ukraine)» CB5007601500
Number of pulleys 7(6 +1)
Diameter of pulleys: 60"(1524mm)
Rope: 1 1/2” (38mm)
Load capacity:531t
Travelling block
LLC «Discovery drilling equipment (Ukraine)» TB5006601500
Number & diameter of pulleys: 7 - 60"(1524mm)
Load capacity:454t
Load capacity:450t
Working pressure: 35MPa/ 350bar
I.D. of the stem: 80mm
MH Wirth PDT350/500-AC-800HP-5000psi
Load capacity:454t
Working pressure: 35MPa/ 350bar
I.D. of the stem: 76mm
Max. torque / at rotation: 37200Nm/140 rot/min.
Power: 800НР
MH Wirth, GH2000EG-AC-1G
Nom. Power: 1490 kW (2000HP)
Engines:  Gear Drive 2х 975kW (1230HP)
Rotary Table
ZP-375 (952,5mm) 
Load capacity:596t
Drive type: Cardan, hydraulic motor
Rotation range: 0-140 rot/min.
Power plant
Diesel Engines: 2x CAT3512B 1310kW. Generator:1400kW,1750kVA,600V,50Hz
Generator: NOV AC 1400kW. 50Hz. 600V
Conversion system
Switchboard SCR:1
Mud system
Mud pump: 2х TPK1600AC-RG-FV-1M,7500psi. Drive AFD400.L623Ex 1200kW
                      1x А-1700РТ 7500PSI. Drive CAT D398 (680kW)
Shale shaker: 5x Mongoose
Total volume, including sand traps: 409,5 m3
Topping capacity. Full volume: 40 m3
Water tanks - 3x40m3. Full volume: 210 m3
Drilling mud preparation capacity: 73,7 m3
Container for chemical reagents
Preventer  HYDRIL, 13 5/8" х10000, Cameron 11" x 15000
Preventer  Upetrom, HDU-9х70, VH-9x35
Muffler unit Cameroon 80x70 MPa
Throttle unit Cameroon 80x70 MPa
Muffler & throttle unit Cameroon 80x70 MPa
3800m ТPDP Ф140х10,54  S-135  R-II
800m ТPDP Ф140х10,54  G-105  R-II
900m ТPDP Ф127х9,19  G-105  R-II
800m ТPDP Ф127х9,19  S-135  R-II